April 22, 2011

What do you really need EVERY day?

There's only one earth people; and there's no place else to go. Everything you buy comes from the earth - from your iPhone, to your Starbucks latte in the disposable cup, to the t-shirt collection in the back of your closet. When you go to buy something new, ask yourself if you really need it. Buy less stuff and buy second-hand.

I challenge you to live without one thing that you don't really need, over the next week. I wonder how many of you will comment here....

Happy Earth Day.



  1. beautiful transitions in the animation :)

  2. the only thing i saw in that video i could go with out was a Barth, witch i was going too take now

  3. This is so stinking cute! I haven't written my Earth Day post yet (yeah, I'm a slack CrunchyNavyWife) but I'm going to have to feature your video. Don't worry, I'll credit you all over the place - and I'm asking permission via Twitter. I love this.

  4. That's really cute and so true. If we're going to make a difference, we need to reduce consumption every day, not just on Earth Day.

  5. Hey that's even cooler than even Word Factory videos! Absolutely awesome reminder and I accept the challenge. I'll incorporate mindfulness of purchasing choices; being conscious of a choice is a great way to test commitment to my values.

    I've managed to incorporate local food buying with mindful choices. It took the better part of a year to get upto 60% so I think this is a logical next step. Thanks!!

  6. I ♥ garage sales, thrifting, Sally Ann, Value Village, Talize and finding recycled treasures! ☺


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