April 14, 2011

Chipmunk CHEEKS.

The sixteen year old daughter has had her wisdom teeth extracted. She was actually born with a very small mouth...and very big teeth. All in all, this kid has had EIGHT adult teeth removed just to make room. That's a quarter of her teeth!! The mind boggles.

She's been very brave. Normally she looks like a manga character; huge eyes, small mouth (like I said), heart shaped face. But today, she looks like a ChipMUNK. I drew this to make her smile, cuz I'm her mom.

Will the kind and generous ToothFAIRY leave her some money? Yes.

Will it be enough to pay for all these extractions and braces and retainers?  Uh....no.

Oh WACOM....can you hear me?

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  1. How adorable!

    And that reminds me. I'm 30, and still have them in my mouth. I need to make an appointment, and get those suckers gone...

  2. Awww!! That's a great picture. I hope she feels better soon. :)


    I will be sure to show this to my today-turned-16y/o son! You may think it's to make him laugh (maybe so) or to embarass your daughter (NOT).....but really it is so my 16y/o son will FEAR ME AS AN ONLINE MOM and know that I am always watching, listening, and it may all end up online! MUHAHAHAHA!!

  4. So Cute! I feel for her..not fun.But at least she has a silly mom to keep her laughing! :o)

  5. I feel for her. I had all four wisdom teeth removed, along with some jaw bone, in college. And many molars - though I just found out last week (I'm 33) that everyone doesn't get those pulled. I thought we had baby molars and adult molars! Aaaaand, my teeth are still packed in so tight that I can't floss.

    Glad you had them removed while she's a teenager and she'll bounce back fast.

  6. Poor girl!

    I can't personally sympathize as I'm the weirdo with a big enough mouth to fit all my teeth in where they belong without braces, etc.

    Glad she has a cool mom though to help her smile through the pain!

  7. I have a small mouth and didn't have 4 adult teeth there under the baby ones. I feel her pain though because one baby tooth did have a partial adult tooth under it - it was impacted and they had to drill it out.

  8. keep this up and i might ask you to draw me! :)

  9. Had 8 teeth pulled out of my small mouth also including a couple of impacted wisdom teeth. To add to the fun getting knocked out makes me puke for three days. Glad my parents took care of it when I was young!

  10. Lucky girl to get a cute Chipmunk drawing to make her smile!


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