April 19, 2011

YOU. @gypsy_momma.

"Please!!! Please help me!! You gotta save my marriage!" cried @BigBadBooDaddy. "PLEASE DRAW MY WIFE!!!"

ME: Uh...you and @gypsy_momma are married...?

Okaaaaay, maybe Brian didn't use those words exactly, but the way he was goin' on in his tweets, I imagined him all tearful, dribbling and snotty. For whatever reason this poor dude believed I had the power to restore his matrimonial harmony. Okay.

And then Stephi herself posted a fabulous description on my I Draw YOU page:

"I had mentioned that I thought it'd be cool to be drawn by you, but was having a hard time trying to figure out how you'd manage incorporating giraffe-type legs under my bountiful body and flaming red hair with sparkly blue eyes, laced in crazy, all supported by big feet to keep me grounded."

Cha-ching!! Inspiration!

I handled everything except the big feet; call it ...artistic license. Stephi blogs at Perceptions of My Reality, where she tells "mom's side of the story". But on Twitter she's known as @gypsy_momma and she's easy to spot on account of the flaming red hair going so nicely with the #BlueTICK on her avatar.

Has this post saved their marriage? Did the marriage even need saving? Is this naught but an extravagant ploy to get an unsuspecting artist to draw someone and thereby win a bet?

Who cares! It was fun!

Please share.