April 16, 2011

More SPIDEY Sketches.

Last we saw, Spidey was just hanging around hoping my son would draw him.

The 11 year old boy has been at it again, drawing a lot of different Spidermans and even some made-up ones. 

We got Green Lantern in the mix too, which he did specially for @TLanceB who commented last time. This kid knows all the pledges by heart! These superheroes are lining up to be drawn by him!

That's his own Spiderman with Web Wings on the far right. I love when he shows me his sketch book and he likes it when I show him mine. This is his favourite.

This kid will tell you all about every superhero, how they got their powers, whether they're Marvel or DC, which artists he prefers, and even who "draws girls the best", hee hee.

Do you have a budding comic book geek uh, connoisseur in your house?

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