April 17, 2011

My Kids COOK.

I was beginning to get worried about my 16 year old daughter. She'd had her wisdom teeth out five days ago and had a very bad recovery, extreme swelling, bruising and pain. She had Chipmunk CHEEKS. Her morale was at an all time low.

Yesterday, I took her off the codeine and she suddenly perked up! Around 5 pm last night, the girl suddenly announced she was going to cook dinner for everyone. An extremely good sign, n'est ce pas?

Our children have always been in the kitchen with their daddy. The Apron Man involved them in preparing most meals, and facilitated creating their every edible whim. Consequently, they picked up a few tricks.

Still sporting slight Chipmunk Cheeks, my eldest prepared a delicious Chicken Parmigiana. And she got her 14 year old sister to help out with a Chocolate Soufflé. It was a pleasure to hear them laughing together...my heart soared.

We ate dinner and cleared up before dessert. The soufflé was rising in the oven, filling the house with a mouth-watering chocolatey aroma. I actually drooled as I did the dinner dishes.

Suddenly there was a scream from the pantry:

"MUM! There's soy sauce in the soufflé! There's SOY SAUCE IN THE SOUFFLÉ!!!! WAAAAAAH!!!!" The 16 year old came running to the sink and spat. "Ptui! Ptui - ptui!!"

I'm like WTF?

It seems that long ago ( I can't even remember how long ago), someone had sushi and poured the left over soy sauce into the smallest container they could find : the empty vanilla bottle. And then forgot about it. And a generous teaspoonful was whizzed into yon rising Chocolate Soy-fflé. My eldest discovered this as she was screwing the lid back on the bottle and got some on her finger. She licked it off and got a nasty surprise.

The guilty party? Place your bets!

For the record, the Chocolate Soy-fflé didn't taste one bit like soy sauce. It was nom-a-licious. Do your kids cook?

Share the dessert!


  1. Hmmmm, I think I'd eat my own underwear before eating my kids' cooking...

  2. i wish she would. 14 years old. I'm ready if she's not

  3. Soy-fflé. Brilliant.

    My boys cook. Kind of. They try, at least. My 5yo loves to bake cookies, and helps me grill hot dogs from time to time.

  4. I probably would have burst into tears too. Thank goodness most recipes only call for a small amount of vanilla! Has the guilty party confessed yet? ;)

    My kids are getting into cooking and my daughter even has her own cookbook. She's very proud when she makes a meal from it.

  5. I left the house & got married having never cooked a meal. Let's say that first couple years with my husband were....interesting. Lots of boxed meals.

    I am determined to have kids that transition to their own house a little more smoothly, so they cook. Quite a bit :) They enjoy it & it's very empowering.

    I probably would have cried, too, right alongside your daughter & commenter Kat. I've yet to make a souffle, after making cheesecake several times & eating the ENTIRE thing by myself. Glad your girls enjoy cooking!

  6. You did, didn't you, hee hee.... Love you my lil' anonymous. xo

  7. Do you rent your lovely offspring out? They actually get along?!?! Can I pay them to teach that trick to the monsters? Wait.. AND they cook? Do you have a payment plan??

  8. My kids love to cook with me. I've been doing it since they were little. Here is one of my old blog posts:

  9. Vanilla on its own tastes nasty-- I'm surprised she wanted to lick it off her fingers in the first place, before she even knew that it was soy sauce!

  10. Let me guess, the guilty party is that always present, never seen 'Not Me' character. Never have really trusted that one. Always a little shady if ya ask me! ;)

  11. It was the DOG! I mean, obviously. Can't you just see her with her paws up on the counter, one eye closed to concentrate on not spilling while she poured?

  12. such a GREAT story!!!!! thanks for sharing!

  13. LOVE this!! My oldest is only 12, but he's been known to whip things up on his own. HE has a knack for creating from scratch with "a little of this and a little of that." Must get it from his father because I NEED a recipe. :)

    Such a cute and captured memory.

  14. Impressed! My kids make cereal..does that count?

  15. My kids love helping me in the kitchen. Sometimes, I have to keep them back (as they are too short to properly reach the stove to stir pots and too young to reach in the oven). They do love helping out, though, even if it is simple tasks such as making toast or working the microwave.


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