April 29, 2011


I finally recovered from my Easter HANGOVER when suddenly I smelled a smell! What's that luxurious aroma? It's filling my senses with a delectable deliciousness! It's chocolate alright, but not the edible kind. Behold The Awesome Power Of Chocolate Soap.

Technically a Soaper Heroine, Chocolate Truffle is smooth, rich, creamy and soapy. She joins Oatmeal Milk & Honey in the team of Dot & Lil bubbly Soaper Heroes. Her super-power? She can fly, duh! 

And btw, Dot & Lil only make this soap at Christmas time, so you won't find it on her website. *pouty face* When I did this drawing though, Anne said she could do special orders if you ask her really nicely.

Inspired by my friend @DotandLil's fabulous blog post. featuring @WhyisDaddyCryin and @missrogue. GO AND READ IT NOW - it's hilarious and informative. This is NOT a product review. I don't rilly do those. I only did this cuz it was funny. I did NOT receive any free soap for drawing this. Okay, okay... she did promise me a plate of homemade mini-cupcakes. But no soap what so ever.

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