April 29, 2011


I finally recovered from my Easter HANGOVER when suddenly I smelled a smell! What's that luxurious aroma? It's filling my senses with a delectable deliciousness! It's chocolate alright, but not the edible kind. Behold The Awesome Power Of Chocolate Soap.

Technically a Soaper Heroine, Chocolate Truffle is smooth, rich, creamy and soapy. She joins Oatmeal Milk & Honey in the team of Dot & Lil bubbly Soaper Heroes. Her super-power? She can fly, duh! 

And btw, Dot & Lil only make this soap at Christmas time, so you won't find it on her website. *pouty face* When I did this drawing though, Anne said she could do special orders if you ask her really nicely.

Inspired by my friend @DotandLil's fabulous blog post. featuring @WhyisDaddyCryin and @missrogue. GO AND READ IT NOW - it's hilarious and informative. This is NOT a product review. I don't rilly do those. I only did this cuz it was funny. I did NOT receive any free soap for drawing this. Okay, okay... she did promise me a plate of homemade mini-cupcakes. But no soap what so ever.

Share the chocolatey goodness.


  1. Soaper Heroine! Too funny! Nice drawings. Beats mine by a mile. Though I only tried one and it was really just a rectangle.

  2. Thanks so much JC, this new Soaper Hero is GORGEOUS! The last one might have abs, but this lady has CLASS!

    And yup, if enough people whisper nicely to me about it, I just might make a custom batch of Chocolate soap...and maybe make a special label with your wonderful Chocolate Truffle Soaper Hero!

  3. is elleie involved in this? I sense conspiracy

  4. Dot and Lil - your soaps are inspirational~ I like the colours on this Soaper Hero. She could give you a chocolate kiss.

    No Joe, Ellie hasn't even seen it yet (as far as I know)!


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