April 22, 2011

Catching The Easter FUNNY.

WARNING: Don't share this post with your kids as it contains a huge spoiler.

One day, when our children were a little smaller, the eldest daughter asked "Mama, how does the Easter Bunny get in our house?" Logical question. I mean, everyone knows how Santa gets in via the chimney, but the Easter Bunny...we didn't know.

We decided to set a little "trap" to find out. If you want to try this out, this is what you'll need:

The first thing was set out a couple of trays of Baby Powder; we decided to put one tray by the front door and one tray by the fireplace.

That way, when the Easter Bunny came in to our house, he'd step in the tray of powder and leave a tell tale trail of footprints.

After the kids went to bed, I cut out the Bunny feet shapes from a piece of cardboard and made a stencil. Then I sprinkled the Baby Powder through the stencil to make footprints. It was really fun to make them start at one tray, wander around the room (a clue as to where chocolate was hidden) and then suddenly stop at a wall: as if he'd just walked right through it!

If you have a Newfoundland dog, do not, I repeat, DO NOT use flour instead of Baby Powder. It's a very bad idea.

The next morning, our kids went BANANAS!! It was extremely fun to video them too - I mean, as far as they're concerned this is like finding a half-eaten carrot times a million. PROOF that the Easter Bunny exists. Plus, hello? CHOCOLATE RUSH!

Then I'd hoover up the baby powder.

We all know who the real Bunny is anyways.

Do you think your kids will enjoy this...?  Lemmeeno how it goes!

Share and Happy Easter!


  1. Brilliant. If my boys weren't 900 miles away, I'd totally do this.

    The next best thing is to share with my ex wife. Let's see if she likes it.

  2. That's too cute!

    Also, I totally had to read this three times because I got distracted by the Newfie. I love big dogs. I especially love Newfies.

  3. That is such a great idea! I wish my kids were still young enough to be fooled by that :( I think that I will send this post to my cousins though since they have young ones.

  4. Super cute idea... but I just know my cat would somehow have the entire house engulfed in a cloudy mess of baby powder. Haha.

  5. The Easter Bunny doesn't hide eggs inside for my family. I wish he did because this is a cool idea.

  6. Holy hell I adore you! Stumbled on your blog. Much laughing..maybe a little peeing in my pants followed. Amazingness. Look forward to following you.

  7. That is so cute! Hope you didn't have a mess of baby powder to clean up.

  8. You are one funny bunny! Brilliant idea!

    Wendy @Kidlutions

  9. You are brilliant! What a great idea! It's hard to keep kids believing as they get older. This helps!

  10. I Love this idea! Brilliant!

    I personally have a stuffed bunny that has the role of bringing the treats overnight. The kids just have to take care of the bunny for the whole day before Easter lol.

  11. I wish my kids were little again just to do this!!

    Great idea.

  12. It worked!! Of course, the older 3 had to be threatened within an inch of their lives to keep quiet. But the younger 4 were thoroughly convinced and impressed that I was so smart to figure out such a fool proof method! Thanks for the idea and Happy Easter! xo

  13. You are so clever - the vision of the dog had me floored!

  14. Dam, I wish I had found your blog a couple days ago because this is a fantastic idea! I so need to copy this, I'm not sure how many more Easters until my 6 year old finds out. My 11 year old knows and he knows not to tell or his basket will be empty!


  15. Love it! I was just planning something similar for next St.Paddy's, actually!! --> http://unhandicapping.com/st-patricks-day-2012/

  16. VERY cute idea. Love that you are making the memories even more magical!!! Long ago, my DH came up with the notion that you can't leave candy out when the Easter Bunny comes. Apparently, EB gets a sugar high and bounces all over knocking chairs over and generally making a mess. The kids were in awe when they came downstairs as my DH grumbled that someone must have left candy out as he picked up a kitchen chair. That darn EB!


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