April 6, 2011

How YOUR KID Can Be AWESOME On April 22nd.

Here's a story that starts with drawings and ends with animation.

This is me a few years ago. Pretty bad, huh? I was down cuz I had a fantastic animation idea for kids but no matter how many grants I wrote, I couldn't find the money to produce it. Anyone who has ever written a grant knows how the Paper Monster tries to blow you away.

But I didn't give up!

I eventually found some money and kicked in a healthy chunk from our savings. Everyone helped with the production - my co-creator @RosieEmery, my husband, and even our kids provided the voices. We had fun working on it because we truly believed in the idea. We knew that young children learn best when they're having fun and this series of eight little films would have them smiling and learning earth friendly stuff.

We called it "The Little Earth Charter".

April 22nd is EARTH DAY. If your kid is in primary school, chances are their class is doing something for Earth Day. If your son or daughter brings this DVD to their class anytime around Earth Day, they'll be sharing the Earth friendly energy with all their classmates.

Behold the Awesome!

How much does the Awesome cost? Only $12.99.
Where can I buy this Awesome? CLICK!
What age group is this for? Preschool to 8 year olds.
Here's the first of eight videos.

So go and get your kid's Awesome. And I'll include a free "Earth2Rosie" postcard, while quantities last! Remember, this animation is for the kids.



  1. This is beautiful LA! I wish I had kids to show it to. Plus your kids sound awesome :)

  2. Thanks Normal! My kids were very generous with their voices.

  3. ...in fact - i'm going to buy one right now - is there a discount if i get 2?


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