April 7, 2011

Twin Earth HUGGERS!

An Earth HUGGER is someone who respects and cares for the Earth. So I'm gonna give you a sneak peek into something fun, animated and totally Earth HUGGY!
things actually - Tristin and Tyler!

These 7 year old twin brothers are New York City's dynamic duo of green vlogging - Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City! In their videos they go on adventures in NYC and learn about interesting people, doing interesting eco-friendly things.Tristin and Tyler are real charmers and these videos are fun, funny and full of information! The whole thing is put together by their parents, so it's a real family operation, just like Little Animation.

Here they are chillin' with the Planet Earth - star of the Little Earth Charter and tons of other stuff, like....well, everything in the whole wide world, actually.

Tristin and Tyler's mom @Tiffanystoybox connected with me on Twitter recently and now I'm creating their very first animated GREENTOONZ. It's due to premier April 21st on the twins' site in celebration of upcoming Earth Day and it's all about an escaped thi - you'll just have to wait and see...!

GREENTOONZ are COMING SOON to a laptop near you.

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  1. YAY!! Little 7 year old EARTH HUGGERS! Love it!!
    Thanks so much, JC! You're amazing!

  2. Can you imagine if the planet could really smile or frown - the last time it smiled would probably be about a milllion years before man camme into being :)

  3. Gee those kids are cute - Get some more like that and really make the Earth smile!

  4. Marshall - the world def needs more earth stewards.

  5. It's CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Can't wait to see how you bring the double adorable that is Tristan and Tyler to animation!

    Sharing the big Earth Day news with the beans!

    Now...how to score a sneak peek? Hmm....
    I have CHOCOLATE!!! Lots and lots of CHOCOLATE!!

    (though I am currently eating said chocolate, therefore time is of the essence ;)


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