July 3, 2011


The Winners of The Most EPIC Contest Evar are:

Wait. Before I say who won, I want to say thank-you to all who entered. You made my life hell trying to choose because frankly, they're all inspiring.

In the end I went with the three that made my fingers twitch the most.

Third Prize: Karin. "You should draw me as a girl surfing a galaxy ... a sparkling, mini galaxy. Because once I saw one while I was absently folding laundry."
Awesome visual depicting incongruity. But who are you Karin? You didn't leave your Twitter ID or anything.

Second Prize: @EllieM72. "You should draw me with a chocolate smeared face surrounded by two (not one but two!) hott guys! Preferably naked. Or not. But they must be hott."
Well okay! This is gonna be fun. I'll be sure to wear oven mitts whilst drawing this one.

First Prize: @pilot2b "HOW to draw me... on a motorcycle with wings, with scuba gear on, jumping over an 18-wheeler, about to land in water next to a nuclear power plant. Easy enough."
I wanna draw this so baaaaaad....!

Winners congratulations and I'll be looking for you on Twitter.

Special mentions go to Ed R @edrafalko, Allison C @minivangirl, and @yogi4change.

All decisions are final. Stay in touch and I may just get the notion to draw you anyways. I'm funny like that.

Wanna see the drawings?
Third Prize  
Second Prize 
First Prize 

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