May 16, 2011

About KLOUT.

So I'm on Twitter and I often see tweets with the word "KLOUT" in them. It's always "KLOUT this", and "KLOUT that", and "I'm so worried such-and-such will affect my KLOUT score" and stuff. And I'm like, what is this KLOUT thing everyone is talking about?!?

Now when I want answers* to my questions, I ask my Twitter following. And if it's social media related, I hashtag #UsGuys. All you need to know about #UsGuys right now is that they are remarkable and they like male strippers and, uh... cake.
*not necessarily the right answers, but that's what makes it fun.

So my tweet went something like this:

A very helpful #UsGuys tweep named @barrypeters suggested I go look at @SeanMcGinnis' vlog post about The Problem With Klout. So off I go, tarum tarum tarum. I watch the video, I read the post and I learn that people who check their KLOUT 'score' always change the way they behave online afterwards. They go from being genuine, to being oh-so-influential. Which then supposedly somehow renders the KLOUT score meaningless.

Do I now know what the heck KLOUT is?

No! I do not!

Being essentially curious, I just go to the dang KLOUT site and sign in... You're curious too, huh? You want to click on it to find out how you score don't you? Haha.

I see this:

I'm like, what? My "score" is 66 and they say that's "high"? Hmmmm. 66 is not high people, 100 is high. Am I wrong? Okay 66 out of what? It doesn't say and I'm too impatient to dig.

Then I read this:

What? I'm a thought leader? Cool!

But then, my eyes fall on this:

So apparently I'm really influential on the subjects of Cinderella, Hello Kitty and Renee Zellweger. Three things about which I'm fairly certain I've never discussed anything online or IRL ever. Well ok maybe I did say something about Hello Kitty one time on Facebook. But still.

What does it mean???

I dunno. All I care about is that it made me laugh out loud to draw this:

Oh yeah, I did notice that these two buttons are all over the KLOUT website.

Gee. Any idea what that's all about...?

UPDATE! June 6, 2011:
Since posting this, my Klout score went up to 69. Which is a very auspicious number, I'm sure you'll agree. Was I doing anything different in my online behaviour?

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  1. just when I had decided to ignore Klout, someone started talking Alexa ...
    damn stuff.
    no wonder my brain can't get around writing.

  2. Rule #1 about Klout is you don't talk about Klout.

    Rule #2 about Klout is YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT KLOUT.

    Honestly, no idea. Sorry.

  3. My Klout score drives me nuts. I was all excited as it was 69 for the longest time and now its gone waaaaay back down so I get mad and ignore it. I'm lame like that. <3 @kungfupussy

  4. This is TERRIFIC!! I was just tweeting today about the weirdness of the whole follow/popular/WHATEVER thing . . . great to see your whole humorous take on this. I love the perspective.

  5. 66 is impressive. Think of it less like a score in school and more like a standardized test--although not that scientific.

    Like any label that someone assigns to you, Klout means as much as you let it. I check my score from time to time, but I'm still the same odd-ball on Twitter.

  6. "Like any label that someone assigns to you, Klout means as much as you let it."

    Katy- I adore this. So right on....

  7. Oh, this was a funny funny funny day.

    You captured it brilliantly!

  8. Hey there,

    I wanted to stop by and say hi -- I'm the Marketing Manager here at Klout. First of all, I wanted to say that 66 is a great score! Congrats. The average score is approximately 20 so you are definitely in social media celebrity territory. I appreciate your feedback on what parts of our site are not clear enough -- we are constantly working to make it more clear and easier to use.

    Also, looks like your topics have updated, does this seem more accurate to you: "drawing, #usguys, earth day, children, animation" ? Feel free to get in touch with us anytime with more feedback.

    Marketing Manager, Klout

  9. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” But man this data-obsessed world sure is trying to isn't it. From Edge Ranking on Facebook, Search Engines on Google, Mentions on Twitter and now Klout scores, everyone is running around trying to measure their value in the world with numbers and Tweets. Your post on Klout is a hilarious exposition of the mixed feelings being judged for just being yourself conjures up. Will we see Klout scores on resumes in dating site profiles? I wonder...

  10. sorry lost no clue lol im lame

  11. I think a brand has made it when The Animated Woman mocks it.

    I am glad I made it before Klout did....

  12. Loving the comprehension actualysis graph. I can only hope mine would spell something equally awesome.

  13. love this. read a funny tweet once equating their klout score with an everchanging ding ding ding carnival game.

  14. I read your post i still don't know what klout is but loves reading your post, may i say you are a great story your art work too, am smiling again and if keep it up the shape of my face is going too change. lol

  15. Haha! This is great! People who worry about Klout are the same ones who pore over their Google Analytics & worry about Alexa rankings.

    You know you've made an impact when someone from the place you write about comments on your post :)

  16. Too funny. And I'm totally gonna go find out what this is. I had a similar problem today with the term 'hipster'. I couldn't understand it for the life of me.

  17. essentially (c)klout is a slang word for a womans private area here in the UK.....sooooooooo

  18. It's obvious.. the irony!? It's not Genuine!!!! You are!!! so who cares about Klout & Daggers really?....James Scalzo

  19. Love love love this! I used to want my Klout score to hit the 60's and at one point it did, and then I just tried being myself. It's down to 53 now (just checked for the first time in weeks), and you know what? I'm okay with that :) Esp. after reading this.

  20. I applied for a loan at my bank. They asked me all these bullshit questions like, "What's your credit score," and "Do you have a job," and I was all, "I have a 44 Klout!" And they were all, "Who gives a shit!" Probably because it was only a 44. I have to try harder because, you know, it's my Klout score!

  21. Didn't mention influential about Mermaid Cat Woman??? What the Duck? My Klout score dropped this past week :( from 67 to 65, sheesh! I mean...can't a girl even get injured at work without her Klout Score dropping 2 notches! ;)

  22. I only just recently heard about Klout. At first, I was like cool...then I was like...why? LOL. Love this post.

  23. Your Klout topics have "automagically" updated! Per Megan, at Klout.

    Make a blog post. Make big waves!

    Now, THAT's "clout". :-)

  24. *raises her eyebrows at this whole Klout thingamajigthingy*

    I have giraffe legs, red hair, & a blue tick...I really don't need anything else to tell me I'm awesome.

    ~*~ @gypsy_momma ~*~

  25. I am an expert on Beasts, and Children. I own neither. lol

  26. I umm...checked out this whole klout thingamajigthingy...and it told me that @BigBadBooDaddy has a higher Klout score than me, so my opinion is that's just silliness. I'm gonna stick with my afore mentioned list of reasons I'm awesome.

  27. What, no Orangyna? That is sooo wrong!!

  28. I don't take it too seriously. Does Klout REALLY matter lol. I think that I am 68 but who really cares lol??

    Really love your graphics. It makes the post so more enjoyable!!

  29. HA! I love your blog. You crack me up. And the fact that Klout responded makes this post that much better.

    66 is awesome, BTW. Just sayin'. No need to change anything you are doing. :)

  30. You have made point so well;in one set of drawings and post than I have in my countless arguments on the subject. Well Done and this is going on my wall!

  31. I'm just rereading these comments....they're great. Still don't really get Klout but very fun that they commented along with all of you.

  32. "sperm of the moment" hahahaha! Brilliant :-) Comprehension analysis sounds like something in our new primary school curriculum.
    I don't get Klout either.

  33. I have fun with Klout - but it's not something to obsess over. If anything, I think I became *more genuine* after discovering Klout, but that was because at the same time I was realizing all the special needs parents hiding on Twitter - and I started talking with meaningful folks there instead of all the Twitter Bots (there's too many of those darn things!)

    Loved your discussion of it, though. Might have to share it with some social media folks I know! LOL


  34. Meh, I think Klout's along the lines of Facebook, which personally, I think is the devil. Or maybe MythTech (from "Up in the Air"). I mean really, I'm influential about poetry? When have I ever tweeted or blogged about poetry? Never, that's when.

    I too, think it cool that the Marketing Manager commented.

  35. Nice! I am jealous of your ability to add neat artworky stuff to your blog. Also, "comprehension actualysis" is highly scientifical, and you should intellectually propertize it in order to maximate, revenue-wise.

  36. I adore your humour and talent with your illustrations. I'd love to be able to draw like this to emphasize meaning and sprinkle in humour like you do ... but it has more meaning in HOW you do it!

  37. OMG and WTF -- I so totally suck... I influence nobody, apparently, so I merely exist...

    LOL, I rock! :)

  38. I just found your blog and I heart you so hard.

  39. After hearing about Klout for months, seeing Tweets about Klout scores and updates of +K--whatever that means--I finally signed up to see what all the fuss was about.

    I discovered your blog post only after I signed up. It is the best description I've seen yet and puts it all in perfect perspective.

    However, I still don't quite get it--'it' being the purpose or goal of achieving a certain Klout score. What does it actually 'do' for you. I still don't know what my score is or what I would do with it once I do find out.

    Either way, you make me laugh and take things like this much less seriously. Thanks!

  40. klout is one of life's mysteries.


Cuz You Rocketh.