May 22, 2011

Bacon POWER!

It's the weekend! Trouble waking up those sleepy teenagers before morning turns into afternoon? BACON POWER will give them the olfactory nudge they need!

Works every time. Can't guarantee they'll stay awake, but prop them up with a vacuum cleaner or a rake and they should be fine.

Use Bacon POWER sparingly; too much bacon is exceedingly unhealthy.
This drawing was inpsired by @80sgirlforever and @TrenDspa who were actually having trouble waking themselves up.

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  1. its BACON!!!


    ok, gone to cook now

  2. LOL! My 11 year old loved it! :-) She's a baconaholic. For Christmas this last year we even gave her some bacon flavored jellybeans in her stocking.
    Sarah Winters

  3. HAHA! "prop them up with a vacuum cleaner or a rake and they should be fine" SO true! I did that just this morning with my tween.

  4. You know... it's kinda rude to taunt me with bacon when I have none in the house.
    Happy Sunday! ;)

  5. Who doesn't love bacon?! (Especially with a CAPE!)

  6. Personally, I like the bacon bits. He he.

  7. I believe bacon is an entree. mmmm baaaccooon

  8. That arrow, pointing to the bacon's, er, bits...

    I'm never putting bacon bits on my salad again. Mind -> Gutter.

  9. That bacon IS a hero, going to willingly, even cheerfully, to be chomped!


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