May 28, 2011

The CHOCOLATE Keyboard.

I love chocolate. The other day I got chocolate on my keyboard. "Crapola!" I thought, "now it's gonna be all dirty and sticky." And then I thought, "Hey, I wonder if there are any brown coloured keyboards...?" It would be great to have one so the chocolate wouldn't show up, right?

And then my imagination bulldozed me.
Introducing The CHOCOLATE Keyboard!!
This one is milk chocolate (for kids).

It could also come in dark chocolate (very sexy).

And with almond chunks (for nutty keyboardage, my personal fave).

With one of these, I could type away and not worry about the chocolate mess. And if I get hungry I could just eat the "F1" key. Who ever uses that anyway?

True, my keyboard would be stickier than ever. But for someone who draws stick figures? Not a problem.

Where can I get one of these?!?

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