May 9, 2011

YOU. @DigitalKadi.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting @DigitalKadi on Twitter. Kadi Prescott's a busy woman; she's got seven kids and a presence on at least as many networked sites. Kadi approached me to do the banner design for the launch of her personal blog Our Seven Seeds. Working closely with her, I got to know her a little and I laughed a lot. She's warm and funny, and passionate about her work in social media.

So Kadi had the idea that I should caricature her with her seven children as 'seedlings'. When I'd finished with the design her poor husband felt kinda left out! So I put him into the picture as well. Heh heh...

If you wanna see the banner go and check out her blog. And tell her The Animated Woman sent you.

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  1. Awesome picture! And I laughed a little at the green thumb. My thumb is black. Any plantlife I come into contact with will be dead in days...

  2. Hahaha! You're not growing any potatoes then, right?

  3. For the record, fetuses are the only living thing I am good at growing! Thanks again for the amazing job you did!! xoxox

  4. That banner is SO cute!! You did a great job with it.

    The caricature is great too. lol

  5. I know Kadi IRL. And that banner is pretty damn accurate. LOVE IT.


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