May 20, 2011

YOU. @WheelchairMommy.

Hey Everyone - meet Priscilla!

Also known as @WheelChairMommy, Priscilla blogs at The Wheelchair Mommy about life as a SAHM to two gorgeous boys and a third on the way.

Don't let the wheels fool ya; she's just like everyone else, and does practically everything that people without wheelchairs do. I actually asked her if there was anything she couldn't do because of her wheelchair and all she said was, "I can't mow the lawn". Hmmm...that's what I say too.....

Well Priscilla, this is your LUCKY DAY!!!!

Cuz with my husband's handy new invention, you too can now mow the lawn!
Introducing ....The ALL NEW Super Cordless GP Auto-Mower™

It doesn't look like much but just pop a guinea pig inside it and watch it go!
Allergic to guinea pigs? Why not use Donald Trump's Hair!*

TrumpHair powered Super Cordless GP Auto-Mower™ chomps down on troublesome growing grass in no time flat.

Here's a handy feature: by simply lifting and moving the lightweight Super Cordless GP Auto-Mower™ by its specially designed ergonomic handle, you can create this lovely lawn pattern!

PLUS - you get free fertilizer! And if you are using Donald Trump's Hair to power your Super Cordless GP Auto-Mower™, that fertilizer is an investment in your future!

So...whaddya say Priscilla?

Two thumbs way up!! And now folks, while quantities last, you too can create lawn envy in your neighbours with one ot these fantastic gizmos.** Just sign up for the ALL NEW Super Cordless GP Auto-Mower™ below!

*Limited time offer.
**Not really.  
Batteries not included.

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  1. Yay. I love it. Hilarious. :D

    Will said it's funny (the 6 yo)

  2. why is the ginee pig sad shudnt he be happy to be etin the grass

  3. i think she kickasss blue cowboy boots with gold stars...Ill share

  4. Awesome! You are so crazy talented, it's C R A Z Y! xoxo!

  5. Hehe.
    Cute cute cute.
    Go Piggy Go!

  6. YAY! Look what #Trumphair did for Priscilla! Go Priscilla! Go Priscilla!


    I actually seriously considered getting some goats for the field & then putting them on leashes once in a while to do the yard.

    Trump hair though - THAT is complete GENIUS!

    I love your checker board lawn pattern, too, Priscilla!

  8. Wow! Its like an all-in-one! How freaking awesome!

  9. We're having trouble cutting our lawn right now because we only have a push mower and we've moved to a house on a large piece of property... this would help!

  10. Love it! I love following Wheelchair Mommy, let's see where she takes us next! <3 I am proud of you, Priscilla!


Cuz You Rocketh.