May 13, 2011


Dear Peach,

Sometimes being a mom can break your heart.

Although I've never met you, I feel like I know you. Over the past year we've hung out online nearly every day. We've laughed, cried, and whispered secret secrets in our DMs. You're always there for me, every time I falter. You're like, my BFF on the Interwebs.

I live kinda far away and I can't hug you in person. But I can give you the next best thing...

And look - I brought the duct tape!

I hope it helps hold things together, while you rest and heal.



Sandi Kirk, AKA @IamthePeachy1 suffered a small heart attack earlier this week. Trust me when I say she is waaaaaay too young for this. Her husband Lloyd the Droid left us a note on her Being Peachy blog. Please join me in sending good wishes for a speedy recovery. And... if you don't know the Peach yet, your life is about to get a whole lot peachier.



  1. Awesome. Great job on this post!!
    Get well soon, Peach!
    We luv ya. :)

  2. Hope the recovery is swift! My DM box is lacking for loss of Peachy!


  3. Oh, I hate to hear that! I will keep her in my prayers.

    This was very cute.

    I've always enjoyed your interactions on Twitter.

  4. that was so sweet hugs from all of us to you peachy

  5. thatwas cute made me smile and i would like too say i do not smile a lot

  6. Awww, that's so sweet. Thoughts to Peachy for a speedy recovery!

  7. You are so wonderful. I am quite sure it is all the love and support of the awesome people like you that helped me ( and my heart) pump just right enough to escape from the Hospital in time to watch my baby girl graduate and run right back to see great things like this. Thank you JC. You are as spectacular and glitter covered duct tape! I'm not quite back yet, but I plan to be right as rain by Monday.

  8. Peach really is an amazing person and you, JC, are so wonderful for writing and drawing this. You guys are great and it's been such a pleasure to know you on the Interwebs. KEEP GETTING BETTER SANDI!

  9. All the best. I love seeing how friendships grow in this virtual world.

  10. AWESOME! Best use for duct tape ever! Sandi is going to rock those duct tapes better than MacGyver!

  11. that was really wonderful JC. I hope Sandi is feeling peachy soon.

  12. What a sweet post. I don't know her but I can't imagine she wouldn't like it :) Bloggy friends are awesome.


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