May 30, 2011


WARNING: You might want to watch this Bear Grylls video before reading this. Or not. My 11 year old son made me watch it and now my face has this weird tic.

My name is BOY Grylls. In the home, there is food about...if you know where to look.

See right there? That's a plate; and you've just gotta come up to it and put your ear next to it. And listen....for CRUSTS!

Found one! This here is a Rhino Whole Wheat crust...

...and it has been laying here a very, very long time. At least since breakfast.

You can just eat crusts; even raw.

Pound for pound, crusts like these contain more actual bread than beef or fish.

Crusts. They're the perfect survival food.

My boy is really into Bear Grylls. Hands up if you're a fan...!

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