May 10, 2011


I was designing that last banner for Kadi Prescott and I found this other banner I made about a year ago. I don't even remember what it was for. But since it's just laying around I might as well give it away to someone who likes it. Who knows? Maybe someone out there could really use it, right? And if no one wants it, no harm done.

I reckon it might be good for someone busy; someone who likes a lot of nice clean white...with a strong graphic black line and, uh, spot, kinda like I have here on this blog. Heh heh.

Obviously the design comes pretty much "as is" except for the title, which I'll redo. Oh, and it's It's 1000 X 250 pixels.

If you're interested, just leave your name and Twitter @ in the comments.If there's more than one I'll do a draw, ok? Closing the entries on Thursday May 12 at 9 PM Montreal time!

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  1. Hi JC. I could use a banner for my blog. This one looks like me, busy and more busy! Love it. @mimicat12

  2. If only I would make time for crafty ... lol!

  3. How can I pass on the opportunity of a free banner? This one is perfect, but not for me, for someone else's blog in which it would look just as busy as herself.

    If I can ask for it, I'll tell you the blog name is Instant Coffee (her button is on my blog, I made it myself), and you already follow the owner on twitter, we're both BlueTick users =) She's @RukiaMetalera and of course you know who I am, @Tiljaunique.

    Could I also ask for a small change as well? Is there a possibility to turn the toy plane into a racing car (Speed Racer's Mach 5 would be just perfect but not indispensable)?

    If you find all these demands too much, feel free to ignore them completely. I can't tell you how excited I am for this offering but I am. Just can't tell, not my forte. =P Neither is being coherent I gather from rereading what I just wrote. I'll leave it as it is, in case it serves to tell whether you really really want to associate with someone like me.

    Thanks for the offering! Can't wait to see who receives it.


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