May 6, 2011

Get a HOLD of Your SELF!

Yesterday I was all beaten Spiderman "...strength fading....can't hold on..."  I felt the Overwhelmption of the Rushing RIVER of Life.

Today, with a supreme effort, I managed to grab a hold of my self.

I was kinda struggling to hold on. But then I remembered, "Hey wait a minute - I can fly!!"

Who woulda thunk it! Can you fly too?

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  1. When I'm feeling sad, I decide to stop being sad, and be awesome instead.

    I'm glad you're back up in the air, kicking butt and taking names...

  2. Overwhelmption. Best.Word.Evah.
    Oh, no, can't fly. But I'm learning to ride the waves. ;)

  3. Thank GOD for wings! I mean, what would we do without them?! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. I love ya ! and ME TOO !!!! The interwebs is awesome, they pulled me out of my mental mud. ( also one awesome person found my dude for me!!!!!) Fly down here and lets run away to the Florida Keys !

  5. PEACH!!!! That is a freaking awesome idea...

  6. I agree w/Jen. Overwhelmption is an awesome word! I need to find my wings. Life has taken a rather upside-down turn. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Your awesome, so there! I'm suffering from major overwhelmption lately but I think it's great that I can just take flight with you and leave it all behind. :)

  8. Thank you for this. I have been extremely stressed lately because of work to the point of total distraction: so far I have got into an accident, forgot to pick up my child, forgot about school open house, etc etc. Yes I may need to start flying too!


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