May 24, 2011

YOU. @AnissaMayhew.

I started following @AnissaMayhew on twitter nearly two years ago because she was smart 'n funny. Then she had the stroke(s) and coma. With thousands of others I watched all this unfold online...I read her husband's updates, I got the TEAM ANISSA t-shirt to help support the family and the rehab, and I cheered out loud to see her back online. Of course she's had no idea who I am, but to me... she's like a hero. Because her last tweet before the stroke was about feeding the world's hungry with soup. Hands up if you remember this?

So imagine my excitement when she asked me to guest post on Aiming Low. I just about filled my shorts up. My post is called The YES-aholic. Go see it now!!!!

Here's seven things I think are cool about Anissa:
  1. She's friends with @IamthePeachy1 in real life. That alone tips the scales into the land of cool.
  2. She's unfettered by the trappings of expectation.
  3. She's now an accomplished lefty. 
  4. Adversity has not defined her; it has made her more her.  
  5. She was awesome on Oprah
  6. She's smart 'n funny. Already said this.
  7. She cares.

Anissa is the founder and lead editor at Aiming Low,  and also blogs at Free Anissa.
"Now stronger and more determined" is a quote from Anissa's guest blog at Women on the Fence.

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