May 15, 2011


I hurt my left arm somehow....but miraculously I can still draw.

@FameRee said I was SlingBABE and I liked that.

Slings are cool. I remember wearing a fake one when I was a kid, pretending I had a broken arm....I hope it gets better soon though. It's really slow typing with one hand.

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  1. please do not get in a "look what I can do" contest with me and anissa. she wins with the stroke and coma. all I did was have my brain fall and have a little heart attack on my dismount. Wear the sling. Keep drawing, get better fast. We need you to keep us laughing and the get well cards rolling.

  2. @ Peach - So even if I don't win in the 'life threatening' category can I make up for it in 'swimsuit'...?

  3. My teen daughter hurt her elbow cheerleading. My wife hurt her fingering mommying. There are slings and splints in the house right now.

    heal up soon. Cute picture

  4. My friends and I used to make casts out of tag board when we were little and made slings out of pillow cases! It was soooo much fun signing our casts! Maybe you need a ergonomic work station?

  5. I totally think you can have the swimsuit category. Just get one that either matches are draws attention away from the sling. Don't want to be clashing!

  6. The Swimsuit Category and Weaverfish categories are your strong suit, then in talent you can pull out the humming.. you are a great hummer and that la la la la la thing you do? oh yeah... You can totally pull this off.

  7. Ugh. This sucks. But at least you can still draw. And that is a #WIN for sure.
    How long do u have to be in the sling?

  8. I am so glad to hear you aren't to terribly hurt.

    As for the swimsuit contest, I will be glad to do the judging! Of course though you and Miss Peachy will tie but hey... its for a good cause right?

    Hope you feel better soon! The world needs you!

    At least Steph and I do :D


Cuz You Rocketh.