December 24, 2011

GREEN Christmas - Top 10 Funniest.

1. Grinch it. Bully a small dog into helping you steal Christmas only to give it back at the last minute. Sounds fun right?  You don't hafta wear pants and your heart will grow three sizes.

2. Envy. Simply covet thy neighbour's gifts!

3. Greenback. Buy a winning lottery ticket, for a change.

4. Zombie.  That dude you kissed under the mistletoe is now gnawing on your shoulder.

5. Nausea. Too much rich food will make you green around the gills.

6. Practical Presents. Wine probably fits into this category. It's not exactly environmental, but hey, it's wine. As The Huz says, "wouldn't you rather give your money to a family run vineyard than a big pharmaceutical company?"

7. Orion Slave Girls. They make a nice holiday treat....if you're into alien sex. Uh, I mean sects.

8. Last Minute Green Gift. You get a surprise visit from Aunt Mildred, and she's got gifts for the whole family. But you have no gift for her! Uh-oh....better sneak into the bathroom with your laptop and get her a Kiva Gift Card to loan $25 to third world entrepreneur.

9. Noob it. Enjoy the green sensation of learning something new.

10. Make-up! Get your fabulous friends to paint you green and take pictures.

Got any more?

Kathy Slamen Photography, Body painting  Alex Hansen, Hair & make-up Naita Ratycz, jewelry and hair accessory by Serafina, vintage gown courtesy private collection of Nancy Marrelli.