November 29, 2010

ZOMBIE Dishwasher.

I came back from Cuba to find that our trusty dishwasher had passed away. Again.

Yeah, you know the kind of appliance I'm talking about. Bought fifteen years ago, runs like a tank, been repaired countless times. And just when you think it's gone for good, it lurches back to life, rattling and moaning with all the gusto of the undead.
My husband is determined to have it resuscitated one more time.
Re-animated. A ZOMBIE Appliance. The Washing Dead.

Meanwhile, I've been doing the dishes by hand. Which means I basically stand at the sink for 45 minutes, shouting directions at my kids.

"You there, clear the dish rack! You! Dry these pots! And you - put the yo-yo down and clear the table!"

A little quality family time.

Tell me what ZOMBIE Appliance lurks in the shadows of your home...

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