December 7, 2011

QR Codes and STUFF.

I made some new business cards (I use the term "business" loosely).

There's a QR code on the back instead of loads of text. Honestly, I wish everyone used them for their cards cuz it's kind of a pain to manually input names, numbers, websites, twitter handles, G+ profiles blah blah blah. See where I'm going with this? One nicely integrated QR code can do it all. Whatever link you submit, make sure it's mobile-friendly. I used this site to generate my QR codes.

"How do I read a QR code, JC?"

 Aha! I thought you might ask that. This vlog is short and you get a nice view of my lap.

For those who prefer list instructions:
  1. You need a smartphone. Stupidphones don't do QR codes.
  2. Download a QR reader app onto your smartphone.
  3. Point your smartphone at the QR code, as if you were gonna take a picture of it. Make sure you see it in your viewer.
  4. The phone reads the code and displays the info on the screen.
  5. The app menu will offer you the chance to save the info in a number of ways.
  6. If it doesn't work, you maybe need to get your phone's IQ checked.
I heard there was some mistrust of QR codes cuz they're being used for commercial marketing and stuff and folks are sensitive to that. I also heard that you should only read a QR from a trusted source in case of viruses. I plan on using them to enhance print media with cartoons and animation cuz it's fun, fun, fun!

Stay tooned for tomorrow's release of the Pickle Weasel Calendar, complete with QR code FUN enhancers.

A camera that focuses close-up is on my Christmas wish list.


  1. Yeah. I am jealous of your creativity. That is quite literally the bossest business card I have ever seen.

    I can make up words like "bossest" if I want to because I am creative with English, if not with art. :)

  2. Awesome! Gawd I love your QR code.
    So nerdtastic ;)

  3. it says "" YAY!

  4. JW - I can't hold a candle to your wordsmithery!

  5. I totally want one of your cards just to show off how cool I am! (cause having your card would up my cool points by 10000) What does one have to do to get one of your cards?

  6. I love the business cards!! They're pretty cool!

  7. Very nice business cards. I need to integrate QR codes into mine at some point. Unfortunately, I have a ton of business cards just sitting around. I ordered a bunch and then found out that I don't attend many conferences or other IRL events where I'd be swapping my business cards. So I have a ton of them just lying around waiting to be given out. (Or waiting to be stuck in my wallet, worn out until they look awful, and then dumped into a restaurant's "put your business card here to win a free lunch" jar.)

  8. 24-7-365 mom - Wow! I guess one would have to meet me in real

  9. TechyDad - You crack me up. Have you ever won a free lunch that way?

  10. I love the simplicity of the design on your business card. Yet, at the same time I think you've placed too much trust in using a OR code. Especially since you're just using it to take someone to your your main site. It may be redundant, but I would use both text to spell the website name and a QR code perhaps to take someone to specially crafted welcome page.

  11. CuteMonsterDad - I think you have a point for someone trying to get actual "business" through their business card; a specially crafted welcome page is a great idea. But I just want to promote the blog as a place of entertainment and fun, so the main site URL works better than a welcome page. If you were going to, you wouldn't want to go to a welcome page first, you'd want to get straight to the funny. Am I right?

    I did use text to spell the website name though, see where it says "actual words!" and I recommend folks do that too.


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