December 19, 2011

Those are MY gloves.

I lost my favorite gloves whilst shopping at the Alexis Nihon Plaza this weekend. When I got home, I called every shop I went into.

Me: Bonjour, I was in your shop today and I lost my gloves. Have you seen them?

Storeperson: Gloves? What colour?

Me: They're green! They have no fingers, they look like crocodiles, with teeth. I really love them.

Storeperson: One moment please.

Me: Okay! I really hope you find them. I bought them in Paris four years ago. They're irreplaceable....

Storeperson: Madame? I am sorry. We have not seen your glasses.

If you see anyone wearing these gloves, they're mine. Thanks.


  1. Best damned gloves EVAR. If we ever actually needed gloves down here, I'd need those. I hope you see them again after a while, crocodile.

  2. LOVE THE GLOVES!!! Sorry you lost them. :-( If I see your glasses I'll let you know. :-P

  3. JW - Don't you have real crocodiles where you live?

  4. Sarah - Ha. Maybe I can't find my gloves cuz I don't have my glasses.

  5. Hope you find them, JC.

  6. I'm pretty sure if a store worker saw those gloves, they wouldn't be able to forget them. :)

  7. Jen - you know these gloves right? I got them in Paris and I'm so sad I've lost them *tears*

  8. Melanie - or wouldn't be able to resist them :(((

  9. Yes. Well, sort-of. To be technical, we have alligators down here. We have oversized lizards with big teeth who like to eat children and small dogs whole down here.

  10. Oh nooooooooo!
    I loved those gloves... :-(
    Mind you, if I found gloves like that I would keep them.


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