December 10, 2011

Kicking Cancer's BUTT.

You guys are amazing. There were a whopping 68 comments on The Supah-Sam Contest!! All to cheer on a little 4 year old boy with leukemia. I'm so proud of you.

So much imagination! There were many fine entries but one truly nailed it:

"Dear anummated laydi, I'm 4 years old, my name is Conners aka @allconsoffun and I want you to draw me beating cancer up with Supah-Sam because cancer is a mean ugly villian!!! Draw me as HALF AS cool as Supah-Sam cuz NOBODY can be as cool as Supah-Sam"

I think this is the drawing we all want to see.

DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THE BIG C. Cancer deserves to get it's butt kicked by a couple of four year olds.

Congratulations to Connie! She actually has a t-shirt in real life that says "I fight like a girl". After drawing her as Supah-GRRRL today I noticed she'd been tweeting "GRRRRRRRR" quite a few times. Coinkidink? I think not!

Now listen folks, Connie's mom passed away this morning. I've known Con for two and a half years on Twitter - we bonded over Boobie Wednesday, a campaign to promote self examination and breast cancer awareness. She's a tireless advocate for cancer survival and awareness. I asked her if she was comfortable with this post going up today and she said she was. Her mom was a 3 year cancer survivor herself and a lovely woman who will be missed by many. I know that Connie would be appreciative of any comments and condolences left here.

Take home message...The Supah-Sam Contest was all about boosting morale. Please carry this away with you and pay it forward: hug someone you love, offer a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and a kind word. When others are in need, it's important to reach out and respond, in whatever way you can.

Special thank-you's to Sam, Sam's parents, and @JWMoxie The Smartness, who touched me with her story about Sam.