August 14, 2010

The Dream WEEVER.

As you know, my first surf lesson ended in excruciating pain when I stepped on The DREADED Weever Fish. As those three little spines pierced the tender flesh where my toes join my foot, I could almost feel the weever fish VENOM injecting itself into my bloodstream.

Time passed, I had a few more lessons with the young/tan/fit/smiley dudes at Shore Surf, and I thought nothing more about it  But that venom was up to no good inside me. I began to have a series of bizarre dreams...

...prolly just the weever fish DNA fusing with mine, right? In my dreams, ha ha ha!

Well, imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with VENOM-induced SUPER POWERS!!!

Don't laugh. It happened to Peter Parker, didn't it?

I still haven't figured out what those Super-Powers are, but I do have a strange urge to head to the beach, fling myself under peoples' feet and shout loudly:

Any suggestions for what my Super-Hero name should be? Will I be Hero or Villain? And how will my Powers manifest?!? Most importantly, what kind of Super Suit should I get?



  1. weevilwoman or weeverwhatever

  2. name: I'llPullYourWeaverFishOutWoman
    You're powers will manifest through a radioactive weave someone accidentally drops on your head while you're getting your hair done before a big meeting.
    Your super suit will make you look like a stylish big foot.

    Good luck with that!

  3. Thanks WhyIsDaddyCrying, LOVE the name! But what exactly are my nuclearweave super powers? How do I use my new hair do to cause terror and destruction??

  4. You will be a super hero out to get parents to watch their kids at all waters edges. Your name will be ScreechWeever. You will wear a breast-plate like Brunhilde, in the opera Die Walkure, by Richard Wagner, the scales of which will match those on your mermaid tail. And, yes, you will have a matching helmet with wings on it too. You will scour the shores with your flippy-tail to identify un-cared for children at waters edge. You will come out of the water and catch the parents and bring them to their children before anything goes awry. You will sing high-pitched screechings like a Siren of Titan, drumming-into the parents the lecture of care and protection of their offspring. To ensure that no child goes un-missed, and every negligent parent can easily be located, you will have the power of flight, and yes this is where your winged helmet will come in handy!

  5. Yay, I finally have time to comment!

    Your name of course: The DREADED Weeverine!

    Your powers: You have spines that you can retract at will! SNICK! SNICK! SNICK! You also have a flying surfboard.

    You are not a villain, but not quite a hero, as you have problems with authority.

    Your SuperSuit: Neoprene, but when you remove it, you will see your scales, which give you a camouflaging ability - you can hide in the sand waiting to strike out at unsuspecting foes.

  6. Yay!!
    Thanks Brermatt. Really like that I have a flying surfboard, that's a nice touch. And as for having problems with authority, that's right on the money. It should keep everything interesting in episode after episode of my adventures though, right?


    The DREADED Weeverine.

  7. There's an interesting flying surfboard backstory, I think.

    Something about Norrin Radd stepping on the DREADED weever fish...

  8. @Brermatt - The Silver Surfer too? Well, you gotta watch out for those intergalactic weevers.


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