October 20, 2010


This pumpkin has my name on it.

You know what? Every year at Halloween, I like to drink a little blood.

Preferably the shiraz variety.

Shiraz (also known is syrah) is beautifully dark and rich. And, er....quite possibly also packed with vitamins and uh, anti-oxidants.

It's a nice full-bodied BLOOD.

It gives you a nice full-bodied HANGOVER. Please note that my hair somehow still looks fantastic.

So I was discussing this with a lovely tweep named @downandderby, and she mentioned something about how you can get terrific blood WINE in boxes nowadays.

And she gave me a GREAT idea for a Halloween costume for my 10 year old boy

The challenge is to empty enough wine boxes between now and Halloween.

We're talking 36 bottles in 11 days. It's SHIRAZ people. Who wants to jump on board and help me out?