December 20, 2011

Deeds & Magpie!

Little Deeds doesn't know it yet but he's getting an updated version of the Dog4Deeds drawing with Magpie on a t-shirt.

Don't know who Deeds is? He's a little boy with autism. And Magpie is his autism service dog - she keeps an eye on him. It was nearly a year ago that Caryn Haluska AKA @ihave7monsters recruited me to help Deeds' family. Back then, none of us knew what kind of dog would be found for Deeds, so I drew a Golden Retriever. Turns out Magpie is a pretty Black Lab!

I'm still so proud of what we achieved together. It was one of those special social media moments where so many folks came together to help someone. You know who you are.

Don't tell Deeds about the t-shirt!