September 23, 2010

Harvest MOON.

In honour of the Harvest, we went up to the Jean Talon Market. It's the best farmer's market in Montreal. Knowing there was going to be tons of fabulous colours, I brought my camera. Clicking away, I found myself salivating like a slobber-dog over all this gorgeous FOOD!

Holy Mother of Drool.

Who can resist corn on the cob?

Or tiny red and white radishes dipped in soft butter and sea salt, comme en France? With a glass of wine, c'est délicieux!

Artichokes, leaf by leaf, at the start of the meal....simply wonderful.

Asparagus, a tasty treat no matter how you pronounce it!

And those chanterelles, sizzling with fresh chopped parsely? Mouth watering.....

Uh-oh. There's the Harvest MOON.

What colour is your Harvest?



  1. Ahhh! Love the Harvest bounty you photographed here. Your post reminded me of 'Julie and Julia' -- butter is the key ingredient in delicious cooking! Bon Appétit!

  2. B.U.T.T.E.R oh yeah :D

  3. Haha! Your so creative! And now I'm hungry.

  4. @ anonymous - show your face, you coward!

  5. Sweet ideas, I have a twitter galpal @eatingarainbow I bet she would get a kick outta this!

  6. my harvest is a bit skin toned with a few freckles and a random hair or two....or 400... Love the way you grab those artichokes!

    Loving your blog woman!

  7. This is my favourite blog of all time. My butt is like a well fed squash and it's taken awhile to grow it. Hmmm!?!?

  8. @ Tooth Fairy - thanks so much for sharing! Don't forget to floss!

    @ Why Is Daddy Crying - Damn you rock dude! I drew those arms nice and long and stretchy too. Thanks for noticing!

    @ Shelagh McNally - um....BUTTernut Squash?

  9. I just love the way you sqeezed those articokes....make me think of that other post, you know, the one with the....well, YOU KNOW! ;) Excellent post!!!

  10. Delicious! But you forgot the salt. Mmmm butter and salt. (And my harvest moon is whiter than the background of your blog. It's a whole new shade of white it's so white. I think I could navigate ships home by the light of my white moon.)


  11. SO GLAD the market had your pink radishes!!!

  12. Yes, but do you think I'm wearing panties or not? THAT is the QUESTION, my friends.


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