September 23, 2010

Harvest MOON.

In honour of the Harvest, we went up to the Jean Talon Market. It's the best farmer's market in Montreal. Knowing there was going to be tons of fabulous colours, I brought my camera. Clicking away, I found myself salivating like a slobber-dog over all this gorgeous FOOD!

Holy Mother of Drool.

Who can resist corn on the cob?

Or tiny red and white radishes dipped in soft butter and sea salt, comme en France? With a glass of wine, c'est délicieux!

Artichokes, leaf by leaf, at the start of the meal....simply wonderful.

Asparagus, a tasty treat no matter how you pronounce it!

And those chanterelles, sizzling with fresh chopped parsely? Mouth watering.....

Uh-oh. There's the Harvest MOON.

What colour is your Harvest?