October 5, 2011


ANNOUNCEMENT: Yeah, this is what I've been squirming about for the past month.

Remember my quest to get Wacom's attention? Well, it worked! I've been featured on their new "Get Inspired" site.  They sent a team to film me right here in my home studio. Check out their video of me while I was drawing my new film "Inspiration". You even get to see some of the junk on my desk!

It's hard to talk about yourself when you're terrified shy. I was filling up my shorts brave

If you don't know what a Wacom is - it's a pen tablet. I use one to draw straight into the computer. You'll often see it in my drawings of myself drawing.

There's some cool artists up there with me; it's worth checking out just for that. Plus there's a "One Thousand Forests" contest you can enter (whether you use a Wacom or not). For every person who participates, they'll donate $5 to the International Child Art Foundation. It's all very, very cool and right on.

Go get inspired!

A note of thanks to the person behind the @Wacom on Twitter. Also @TheGoToMom, @MarcyMassura and especially the lovely @DotandLil; she kicked my butt and started all this.



  1. YAY!!! Congrats! I can't wait to watch the film they did! Too awesome! :-D You are the whole reason I found out and bought my Wacom Bamboo Fun! I love it!!! LOL! As a matter of fact I just drew it in my last blog a few hours ago. Too funny! They picked the right person! I'm glad those 3 people helped you to get it all rolling. :-) YAY for friends to push us when we need it. :-D

  2. Extremely cool!!!! My father was a well known Editorial Cartoonist (Ray Osrin) so watching how you create animation on a computer is amazing to me. I never knew it could be done that way. I really enjoyed this. Now this has to do with NOTHING but what do you use as a bulletin board behind you in the video? I need something in my office that will STAY on the wall!
    Loved your video!

  3. Look at you all super big league now - my 13 yr old will be very impressed. You are the reason she has a Wacom board :)

  4. This is so awesome & you DESERVE it!!!

  5. Huge congrats JC. It's official. I am now lusting after the Bamboo Create. Of course, I'd settle for an iPad and the Bamboo Paper/Stylus combo too.

  6. OMG! That's super duper spectacular awesomesauce!

    And I am still lusting after my own Wacom...one of these days I will possess one.

  7. so proud of you lady!!! Congrats! You're a freakin' rock star!

  8. You're a pretty awesome lady, and the world needs to know! Congratulations, I'm sure this is just the beginning :)

  9. I also bought my Wacom Bamboo Fun because of you. My 4th grade teacher told me that I should never do any art again, and every time I draw my silly stick people with my Bamboo I smile.

    Congratulations on this. I wonder how many other Wacom products you've sold for them. I'm glad they are recognizing you.

  10. Aw hey, it's really fun to see you using your Wacoms or wanting to have them. Christmas is coming!

    Don't hesitate to enter Wacom's contest - it's a fun way to raise funds for kids to be creative!!

  11. Love the video! Love the blog! Love the Lady!

  12. Wahoooooo JC!!! And wahooo Wacom!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!


Cuz You Rocketh.