October 5, 2011


ANNOUNCEMENT: Yeah, this is what I've been squirming about for the past month.

Remember my quest to get Wacom's attention? Well, it worked! I've been featured on their new "Get Inspired" site.  They sent a team to film me right here in my home studio. Check out their video of me while I was drawing my new film "Inspiration". You even get to see some of the junk on my desk!

It's hard to talk about yourself when you're terrified shy. I was filling up my shorts brave

If you don't know what a Wacom is - it's a pen tablet. I use one to draw straight into the computer. You'll often see it in my drawings of myself drawing.

There's some cool artists up there with me; it's worth checking out just for that. Plus there's a "One Thousand Forests" contest you can enter (whether you use a Wacom or not). For every person who participates, they'll donate $5 to the International Child Art Foundation. It's all very, very cool and right on.

Go get inspired!

A note of thanks to the person behind the @Wacom on Twitter. Also @TheGoToMom, @MarcyMassura and especially the lovely @DotandLil; she kicked my butt and started all this.