April 28, 2011


To fully appreciate this post, you prolly should look at this picture.

Lil' Baby Palin's hairspray may have been too much for Donald Trump's combover. His hair is ...untouchable. How does it stay up like that? I mean, what does it look like when it's wet? Does he wear a hair net to bed? The mind boggles!

Here's the REAL Donald Trump, relaxing in a quiet moment ...in between bold statements, no doubt. I know you're thinking, "the poor guinea pig!" But the pig is there of its own free will. Whatever that means.

He almost looks like a kindly grandpa. But don't let the shiny pate fool ya. He's still the same old git who'll fire your ass.

BTW @nicolewelkener and @OnceUponAPuzzle put me up to this on Twitter. They were also saying that Trump is looking a little "tanorexic" in his photos. A little like Snookie. So I gave him a healthy orange glow!

By the way, I adore guinea pigs; we have a multitude of them here in our house. None have been on Donald Trump's head.

Is this guy really going to run for President or what? What do you guys think of that?

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