July 8, 2011


My last Twitter Striptease was so much fun I just had to do it again....but better. Here's the play by play on Twitter as I awaited my 10,000th Follower.

Me: 9986 ....oooh...it's getting rather warm in here. I'm taking off my shoes. #10Kstriptease

Me: 9990 Let the Twitter Striptease begin! There goes my t-shirt! *fling*

Me: 9988 Oops just lost two followers*. Putting my t-shirt back on. Haha.

Me: Hanging at 9989. I know this. It's happened exactly like this at 3000 and 5000. It's the pause before the mad rush.

Me: 9991 Taking that t-shirt off again! And easing my shorts down woohoo it's hot in here!

Me: 9992 I'm wearing boxer shorts with Oscar the Grouch on them! And a sports bra....which I'm unfastening...

Me: 9993 ....my bra just went round and round and round and fling!!!

Me: 9994 Good thing I have these giant FEATHER FANS!!!!

Me: 9995 My Oscar the Grouch boxers are booby trapped *p-twang* off they go. Nothing but my Stealth Vajazzle and these feathers.

Me: By the way, I do have a pole here in my home office. Installed for just such occasions. #TwitterPoleDance

Me: 9997 One feather fan down. *gasp*

Me: 9998 I'm hiding behind my other fan. I'm suddenly all shy. Eeek.

Me: 10,000! #NEKKID

Me: Hi @deanna1137. You're my 10,000th follower. Please forgive me for being naked but I just did a Twitter Striptease to celebrate your arrival. You win a t-shirt.

@deanna1137: Well I feel very over-dressed then! But that did make me laugh! :-)

Me: I'm gonna do a pole dance now! Whee. *takes running leap at pole*

Me: Uh-oh. My pole dance is not going as planned. I'm just going round and round the pole. My hands have too much glue on them. I'm stuck!! HALP

Me: Okaaaaay. So here I am all nekkid with my hands glued to this pole. What now? #dontanswerthat

@guiltysquid and @GeauxHeather: How are you tweeting and texting?

Me: That's a good question. Luckily I have prehensile toes.

How did I get out of this sticky situation? Tons of helpful new followers came to my rescue.

*The two followers I lost turned out to be longtime followers @CollinsBat and @kitterztoo. They told me they were going to bravely UNfollow and then REfollow to try to win just for fun. They came in at 9997 and 9998 respectively. I admire that kind of spunk and dedication so I decided to send them each a gfit from my shop.  You're welcome.

Thank-you to everyone who retweeted for others to follow me. I hope my antics entertained and amused you. And for those who may criticize that I should reward my loyal following, you might have missed this from last week.

Who woulda thunk that a striptease could be such a wonderful community builder... would you pole dance on Twitter?

Love My FANS, Pole Dance and Twitter Bird #FML gear are now available in my Zazzle Shop.

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  1. This is all kinds of awesome. That's the sexiest stick figure I've ever seen. ;-)

  2. The fan pic WOULD make a great t-shirt, but the 'FML' twitter bird should be somewhere on it as well...

  3. You never fail to amaze me. I dont know which is actually my favorite your online persona, your cartitures, your meet-up photos.

    we see you as charming and witty , funny and goofy, attractive and sexy, approachable and friendly.
    JC, you one of my favorite people in the world. I will not say the A word but you are A**some!! and Im glad to know you.. congratulations on that benchmark. Now go do that on G+

  4. Dana - why thank-you. You can see right through me.

    Lost - Yeah! I'll do the bird too.

  5. Joe - Thank-you for writing this! I'm tryna get on G+ but they're still ignoring me.

  6. That was so much fun!!! Love the fan feather drawing.

  7. Please teach my stick figure how to pole dance. All she does it just stand there being one-dimensional. And that bird must join Rage-Kat, Pickle Weasel and Baby Palin in a comic strip. Now, young lady, go put some clothes back on!

  8. You are such a hoot. And your drawings were very accurate, too. This is high praise coming from a girl who used to work the hydraulic lift.

  9. My hands go out to you for being very creative. :)

  10. YAY I actually got to see this one live on the Twitter! Great work, as usual!

  11. Shelagh! The bird's going into the shop tomorrow!

    RASJ - you used to work the hydraulic lift? That is cool. What were you lifting?

  12. umm. this is IamIRONDADDY hacking stephs account, I WANT A MUG WITH THE FML TWITTER BIRD! that just speaks volumes, and very cool to watch you get nekkid, again,lol

    you never cease to amuse and impress :D and yes, i will pay for the mug, i'm not a complete mooch :p

  13. OK IRONDADDY - the FML Twitter Bird is up on the Zazzle shop http://www.zazzle.com/littleanimation.

  14. That was sooo funny. Love the drawings but I think it's dangerous to have Oscar the Grouch near your vajazzle!

  15. Marie - au contraire my dear. Oscar the Grouch is fine where he is. Scares the spiders away ;D

  16. This is my first visit and I am going to laughing until morning I'm sure. Wonderfully creative!

  17. The FML Twitter bird is GENIUS!

  18. I would like you to contact me I would like to possibly purchase one of your drawings.

    1. Sure ipurrrd. What's your email address? Follow me on Twitter and we can direct message @LittleAnimation.


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