July 8, 2011


My last Twitter Striptease was so much fun I just had to do it again....but better. Here's the play by play on Twitter as I awaited my 10,000th Follower.

Me: 9986 ....oooh...it's getting rather warm in here. I'm taking off my shoes. #10Kstriptease

Me: 9990 Let the Twitter Striptease begin! There goes my t-shirt! *fling*

Me: 9988 Oops just lost two followers*. Putting my t-shirt back on. Haha.

Me: Hanging at 9989. I know this. It's happened exactly like this at 3000 and 5000. It's the pause before the mad rush.

Me: 9991 Taking that t-shirt off again! And easing my shorts down woohoo it's hot in here!

Me: 9992 I'm wearing boxer shorts with Oscar the Grouch on them! And a sports bra....which I'm unfastening...

Me: 9993 ....my bra just went round and round and round and fling!!!

Me: 9994 Good thing I have these giant FEATHER FANS!!!!

Me: 9995 My Oscar the Grouch boxers are booby trapped *p-twang* off they go. Nothing but my Stealth Vajazzle and these feathers.

Me: By the way, I do have a pole here in my home office. Installed for just such occasions. #TwitterPoleDance

Me: 9997 One feather fan down. *gasp*

Me: 9998 I'm hiding behind my other fan. I'm suddenly all shy. Eeek.

Me: 10,000! #NEKKID

Me: Hi @deanna1137. You're my 10,000th follower. Please forgive me for being naked but I just did a Twitter Striptease to celebrate your arrival. You win a t-shirt.

@deanna1137: Well I feel very over-dressed then! But that did make me laugh! :-)

Me: I'm gonna do a pole dance now! Whee. *takes running leap at pole*

Me: Uh-oh. My pole dance is not going as planned. I'm just going round and round the pole. My hands have too much glue on them. I'm stuck!! HALP

Me: Okaaaaay. So here I am all nekkid with my hands glued to this pole. What now? #dontanswerthat

@guiltysquid and @GeauxHeather: How are you tweeting and texting?

Me: That's a good question. Luckily I have prehensile toes.

How did I get out of this sticky situation? Tons of helpful new followers came to my rescue.

*The two followers I lost turned out to be longtime followers @CollinsBat and @kitterztoo. They told me they were going to bravely UNfollow and then REfollow to try to win just for fun. They came in at 9997 and 9998 respectively. I admire that kind of spunk and dedication so I decided to send them each a gfit from my shop.  You're welcome.

Thank-you to everyone who retweeted for others to follow me. I hope my antics entertained and amused you. And for those who may criticize that I should reward my loyal following, you might have missed this from last week.

Who woulda thunk that a striptease could be such a wonderful community builder... would you pole dance on Twitter?

Love My FANS, Pole Dance and Twitter Bird #FML gear are now available in my Zazzle Shop.

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