July 1, 2011

Beware... THE BLOG!

The most horrifying monster menace ever conceived....

...will soon be invading your life.

A mass that keeps getting bigger...

...and BIGGER.

It crawls!

It creeps!

It eats you alive!

Run - don't walk - from...

There's no stopping The BLOG as it spreads from town to town.

It's indestructible!

How can it be stopped?!?

Nothing* can stop it.
*Except maybe this.

Mob hysteria sweeps one city, and before long, the nation.

And then the world could fall before the blood curdling threat of...

....THE BLOG!!!

Don't forget to feed The BLOG. RSS is its fave snack. But it also loves StumbleUpon, Twitter and FaceBook.

Is your blog taking over your life? Check out the awesome 1958 "The Blob" trailer. The comparison was totally begging to be drawn.

Feed The BLOG.