July 1, 2011

Beware... THE BLOG!

The most horrifying monster menace ever conceived....

...will soon be invading your life.

A mass that keeps getting bigger...

...and BIGGER.

It crawls!

It creeps!

It eats you alive!

Run - don't walk - from...

There's no stopping The BLOG as it spreads from town to town.

It's indestructible!

How can it be stopped?!?

Nothing* can stop it.
*Except maybe this.

Mob hysteria sweeps one city, and before long, the nation.

And then the world could fall before the blood curdling threat of...

....THE BLOG!!!

Don't forget to feed The BLOG. RSS is its fave snack. But it also loves StumbleUpon, Twitter and FaceBook.

Is your blog taking over your life? Check out the awesome 1958 "The Blob" trailer. The comparison was totally begging to be drawn.

Feed The BLOG.


  1. It doesn't help when you get a few hundred people egging you on either.

    More addicting than cigarettes, and without the hacking cough. I'll take it.

  2. That's hillarious. Yes I've got to admit my blog occassionally........umm.....frequently takes over my life. Hubby has started noticing so I've had to start 'sneaking' blog posts.
    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  3. Hahahahaha!!!! You're such a dork! I love it!

  4. I miss stuff on the first go through, then I go back and catch more stuff. I like this one, the blog tasting the coffee cracked me up.

  5. OK I'm a bad geek, When I saw the "Blog" the first thing I thought of was the Pokemon Ditto. wonderful blog :)

  6. OMG -- this is hysterical. I love her expressions! *LMAO*

  7. Glad you likey. Took me a whole week to draw this one.

  8. Had to forward on Twitter.
    I love that it became a pet.

    (BTW, movie scared me half to death when I was younger . . .)

  9. Was that the "The Scream" in the background?
    Very nice touch.
    Also, the tongue out when it was begging for the "feed."
    Great job. :)

  10. Ha! I think this happened to me the other day. Very scary stuff.

  11. Chunky Mama - I'm glad you noticed! It's fun to throw in a little extra in the details.

  12. My kids think my rear is going to start seeping into my chair. Hi my name's Megan, and I"m addicted to Blogging!


  13. Megan - Uh oh. You may have what is known (in the Blogoshpere) as.... "Bloggers Spread".

  14. I keep trying to tell my kids I am "working" but they are not buying it. They know I am posting on my blog.

  15. I really think my husband is planning a Twitter, Facebook, and blog intervention. So when are we going to have to start going to BA (blog anonymous) meetings & wear the ‘hello my name is’ badge? The upside would be; we’d have one new thing to blog about… plus doughnuts. :-)

  16. Audrey's mom - blogging is working! See I wrote "work in progress" on the first drawing. It's just work that we love. No?

    Sarah - YEAH! And then we can blog about doughnuts!

  17. LOL! "Dork" is the new black! It's true...

  18. have you hit #10,000 yet? all those people infected by the BLOG. I was one of the first so have lived the longest being infected with the BLOG....

  19. (And I thought The Dust was horrifying.)

    I tried to run.. really I did, but The Blog creeped and seeped in... closer... closer.. shhhhllurrrped me up... sucked out all my IQ cells and housecleaning and quasicookingattempt juices... and now I'm immobile... in front of a screen... entraptured... by ...

  20. Wratwrds - NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Feed the blog, FEED THE BLOG!!!!

  21. This is so funny, but I'm confused, wouldn't feeding the blog make it bigger and more dangerous? and why is it allergic to coffee?

  22. Nathan - Yeah, feeding the blog only tames it for a little while. It always wakes up hungrier for more attention. As to the coffee allergy...BAM! You got me. I put it in cuz it was funny.

  23. So shall we feed each others beastie blogs?

  24. Timely--The Blob was on TCM last night!

  25. Gotcha, it was funny!

    Stasha, great idea! My blog is www.dadscancooktoo.com, please feed it :)

  26. Nathan - it's funny that your cooking blog needs to be fed. Heheh!

  27. JC, that's true. If you feed it more recipes will appear so you can feed yourself :)

  28. Munch's The Scream reference.
    The Blob reference.
    Blogging snark.

    Why yes, I love you, too.

  29. This is so good.

    Laughing for REAL good.

    I love it.

  30. I totally got the Blob reference before you even said anything. I love old B-Movies like those and watch them while I'm blogging. It's a wonder I have nightmares.
    I have had to put limits on my blogging because I was eaten by my blog.
    Lorie of The Shewbridges of Central Florida

  31. I've kept my blog hidden from the ones closest to me, so I'm always up till 3 in the morning to make my daily posts. My sleep schedule is a mess thanks to my blog, IT HAS TAKEN OVER M...

    Wh am I kidding? My sleep schedule was already a mess before that...


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