July 25, 2011

#UsGUYS in Montreal.

You know when things just click? The #UsGuys gang are a fast-paced Twitter stream of social medi-oids. This weekend, I got to meet some of them in real life!

Radio personality @997Dave was headed from Vancouver Island to Montreal. Seizing the day, SEO dude @Josepf and self-proclaimed Interloper @JennyHerner decided to come on up from Philadelphia and St. Louis respectively. Their plan? To début their jointly written beat poem, a tribute to Ginsberg's The Howl, for Dave, fellow Montrealer @MilasPage, and myself.

But Dave bailed on the dinner!

Somehow we managed to have too much fun. I brought my Wacom and drew right there at the dinner. Josepf attempted to make out with a parrot, and it tried to eat him. Jenny joined me in being demure and petite! Ok, she was much better at demure than I, but still...! The poem blew my mind. And Mila graciously organized this event and made everyone feel welcome. She also took the best photos including these.

Josepf did lose his head at one point....

...but I replaced it.

And here we are in the Carré St. Louis after lunch the next day - synergy and a fountain of ideas, (yet somehow still Dave-less).

I'm breathlessly impressed with the entire event. My face hurts from laughing and smiling so much. The conversation was truly sublime and seamelssly interwoven with tweets from #UsGuys following our antics online.

What are you thoughts on meeting people from the internet?