July 10, 2011

SURFING The Laundry WAY.

We've all faced the never-ending laundry pile, right? Ugh.
But sometimes mindless chores can relax the brain and give way to beautiful images...a bit like meditation. Or hallucination, depending on how much laundry there is, heheh.

Winning Third Prize in The Most EPIC Contest Evar, gifted photographer Karin Hedetniemi wrote: "You should draw me as a girl surfing a galaxy ... a sparkling, mini galaxy. Because once I saw one while I was absently folding laundry." So here she is surfing the Laundry WAY, which is a bit like the Milky WAY, but without the milk. @karinhedet wins a t-shirt with this drawing on it and my thanks for her inspirational entry.

Do you ever see magic in the mundane?

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  1. this is so great!
    I think I should start seeing my laundry this way!

  2. The galaxy from your point of view is pretty awesome!!

    I can see why one would hallucinate, what with the mind-numbingness of laundry folding (and the smell of all the detergent, softener etc).

  3. It's a very fine line between meditation and hallucination ... especially when doing laundry ;)

    I absolutely LOVE this animation! Thank you a 'thousand fold' (pun intended) You must be a kindred spirit, to understand there is 'magic in the mundane.'

    I REALLY look forward to the 2nd and 1st prize Epic artwork!!!!!!

    PS - LOL you put me back in a bikini for the first time in 30 years! Now *that's* a hallucination!

  4. Karin - I'm glad you like it. And that was two thirds of a PUN - "Peee - Yew!" Ha.

  5. This was great! Yep, I always see "magic in the mundane" it's how I stay "sane"....wait!! I'm NOT "sane!" lol

  6. LOOOOOVE THIS!! Yes, there is magic EVERYWHERE! Xx, emmy

  7. I think my laundry is a black hole...

  8. I constantly see magic in the mundane. Connections ...relationships..enagagements..but then.
    I see everything with a rose colored tint these days...God bless modern pharmaceuticals

  9. I do like the golden bikini ... and the star dust


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