July 12, 2011

GOOGLE+ is getting BUSY.

My First Day on GOOGLE+ went okay. But not everyone shared the experience.

Do you still need to be invited to GOOGLE+ or what? And will G+ become part of Klout's freaky algorithm? Are these questions that need answering?

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  1. Head over to www.devingaughan.com to share the site on Facebook and Twitter to receive a free Google+ invite.

  2. I've been playing on it for a few days and honestly....I like it as much as FB and Twitter. BUT, it is another huge time suck.

    BAM! My life is all full of Overwhelmption again!

  3. It is a total time suck but then again so is twitter and faceboook. It would be so much easier for me to keep up with if I didn't work full-time. When am I going to win the lottery already?!

  4. Random Blogette - You know, I suspect that this extra platform may actually tip the scales for a few people. They'll quit all social media and go back to Real Life.

  5. When exactly am I supposed to write?


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