September 3, 2010

TWEEN Comedy.

It's no secret that I see life as a cartoon.

Animation has owned me since Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth for 27 years. I've worked in many positions, sitting up straight, slouching, bending over backwards, and standing on my head. Then two years ago my dream came true and I got to actually direct the TV series that I had created.

There were 52 episodes, 26 promos, 9 bloopers, 4 music videos, plus the art direction for the website. And "directing" means guiding all parts of the process; casting, scripts, boards, animation, music, sound FX, timing. Everything.

I worked like a monster for two years. I was UNSTOPPABLE. It nearly killed me.

Then in February 2010, the production was complete.  But the show wasn't on TV yet so I couldn't talk about it or show it to anyone. It was like this huge chunk of my life didn't exist....until now.

So here it is folks, tween-comedy "My Life ME" trailer for Disney Channel Asia

Wait. WHAT? They disabled the embedding?!? Oh well, just watch it on YouTube.

A little FYI - My Life ME is a hybrid-manga styled show about four teens who don't always get along.  I had two co-creators who came on board to help me develop my original concept, comedy TV writer Cindy Filipenko and manga author/artist Svetlana Chmakova (Tokyopop's Dramacon, Yenpress' Nightschool.