April 9, 2012

No means NO.

Last week, we got the dreaded phone call from the high school. Our fifteen year old daughter had been in an accident.

Seems she was just on her way to class, when a friend approached her in the hall.

He went to pick her up. She said "No".

But he continued.......and lost his balance.

She landed on her head, twisting her neck. He then fell backwards onto her.

Our daughter said she remembered saying "no" and then finding herself on the floor, unable to stand. She couldn't remember how she got there. We took her straight to hospital. Luckily, she "only" had a mild concussion and a wrenched neck. But she had to miss school and man, was she pissed about that!

It could have been so much worse...

My intention here is not to demonize the friend; he's genuinely sorry. But I'd like to use this story to open up a discussion about boundaries, respect for personal space, and the meaning of the word "no". When a person says "no" why doesn't it matter? No means NO.

Have you had an experience where your personal space was not respected?

I drew this one on the go, in Paper, on my iPad.