April 2, 2012

To iPad or not to iPad...that is the Question.

I've been toying with the idea of getting an iPad. I mainly want to use it as a portable digital sketch book to create rough drawings for my blog, on the fly. Before I dish out the money the Board of Directors in my head want to know what the drawing apps can do. So I borrowed my mom's iPad, got myself a Wacom stylus and loaded up on apps. As far as duplicating my blog style, which is drawn in Adobe Flash, this is how it panned out so far.

I started with Sketchbook Pro - it felt good, though it's not a vector program. I don't mind it too much as a sketchy version of my blog drawings. What do you think? It does have a lot of 'feel'... and I did eventually discover the all-important-purple ha ha.

And then I tried a vector program called iDraw. The pencil tool only gives a line with uniform thickness.

So I gave the brush tool a shot - it can do thick and thin, but only calligraphy style. I don't like it. I found it difficult to control the select tool in iDraw.
Adobe Ideas was actually cool. It's super simple to use and the brush feels amazing. I think it came closest to the look of my blog style. But it's a little too simple for my needs. There's not nearly enough layers, there's no way to merge layers and there's no way to grab the whole image and move it around.

Then I went back to Sketchbook Pro and did this drawing of my dog. Holy crap this thing is fun!!!

So what's the verdict - should I spring for an iPad or what? Do you guys think you can handle the occasional post done in a sketchy style?

Questions that need answers!