April 5, 2012

Easter BUNNY Contest!

With any luck I'll tick over to 15,000 fabulous Twitter followers this Easter weekend. Therefore it's time for another contest.

I'm gonna give away t-shirts and/or mugs from my Zazzle shop. Some poor unsuspecting tweep will win a prize just for being my 15,000th follower - and for my HILARIOUS and LOVELY 14,999 followers three more prizes are up for grabs. 

Wanna play? First, feast your weary eyes on this image*.

And here's the RULES:
  1. Caption this drawing as a comment below.

  2. Go to my shop, look around, then come back and comment what t-shirt/mug design you'd like to win.

  3. Tweet this contest link with the following phrase "Gosh that @littleanimation is a #FunnyBunny!"
Yay cuz you can enter as many times as you like! Don't forget to include your Twitter handle or some way to contact you. I'll choose the three FUNNIEST captions and those will be the winners. Humor is subjective so I, and I alone, will decide this and my decision will be final.

Contest closes Saturday at midnight when the Easter Bunny lays his eggs; winners announced Easter Monday at 9 PM, Montreal time. Something to look forward to as you recover from your chocolate hangover.

* Inspired by a Twitter convo with the admirable @CJM156156.


Geez so hard to choose, the entries were all funny...yet choose we must!

Third Prize goes to Kristin (@dragondream) for "You've got my eggs. Now, where the hell are your chocolate balls?" Where indeed, haha!  

Second prize goes to Judy (@gypsymommy) for "No, those weren't chocolate covered raisins in the kitchen! Sorry! My Bad!". Naughty bunny, tsk tsk.  

First prize goes to Rhiannon Fieri (@FroggyPrinceMom) for "When her husband promised to fulfill one of her fantasies, this was NOT what she had in mind." How did you know about my bunny suit thing Rhiannon?!?

Winners contact me on Twitter DM to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who played!