April 1, 2012

My Inheritance!

Imagine my surprise when this notary called on Friday to tell me my long lost Great Aunt Tillie had passed away and left me the whopping sum of $275,000 in her will. I tell you my hair flew back and stayed back. I, The Animated Woman, am now rolling in the dough.

I’m rich!!

I never even knew I had a Great Aunt Tillie, but apparently I do did.

There’s one small catch though. The notary said I can only have access to the money once I unscramble this puzzle – but it’s so easy! Great Aunt Tillie just drew it on a random piece of paper; seems she was something of an eccentric. I must take after her, heh, heh.

YAY! Gee, I’ve never been rich before… what should I spend the money on?