April 30, 2012

Twitter, the idea incubator. #140MTL

The first thing you notice about Twitter, is all the voices.

People talk about all kinds of things in 140 characters or less.

Some connect with great depth and share their ideas...

Ideas materialize into real life events and often effect actual change.

When you think about it, it's actually pretty amazing.

On May 15th, the #140 Conference will take place in Montreal, at the exquisite Excentris.

Over 30 spectacular speakers will share their thoughts about social media and the great idea incubator that is Twitter. I'm honoured and humbled to be one of them!

Business, entrepreneurs, managers, and those seeking to widen their perspective on social media, this is a "do not miss" event. Register for the #140MTL here.


  1. You are truly gifted and amazing! If the presentations are half as good as your drawings, we're in for an incredible experience!

    1. Thanks Ted, I'll definitely be presenting with drawings. A picture, a thousand words etc. I'm excited!

  2. I absolutely love this! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :) Thank you JC, we are going to be so fortunate to hear you speak I can't wait for the conference!!!! (Did I mention I love this?)

    1. Thank you Mila, for bringing this event to Montreal!

  3. That is so cool. You are awesome and I know that you will be a fantastic presenter, wish I wasn't so far away. I'd love to go.