April 4, 2012


After checking out a few drawing apps on my mom's iPad, I went down and picked up my own one last night. I chose 3rd generation, white and silver, 64 gig with wifi. Still checking out different apps; this one is called Procreate.
Haven't yet found a drawing app that comes close to my blog's enhanced-stick-figure style, so I'll continue to use my desktop/Flash/Wacom setup for my work here.  But the iPad is an absolutely fab tool for drawing anywhere - as an artist, I hafta say it's setting me free. And yes, I did lick it when I took it out of the box. Didn't stop the 12 year old boy from trying to lick it too though.

For those who are wondering, the new iPad is slightly warm, but it's not hot or uncomfortable and I was drawing on it for hours. I have yet to explore it's other uses. Everyone keeps asking me to play Draw Something on it, but I hear it's super addictive, no?