April 20, 2012

How to #DrawSomething in 10 easy steps.

My strategy with the game is to keep you guessing until the very end, and hopefully make you laugh. So I plan what I'm going to draw and leave out the crucial details until the end. Here's how I play Draw Something in ten easy steps:

Step 1: choose the widest brush and fill in the background, if there is one. In this case, I want black, to set the mood.

Step 2: Add any details to the background using smaller brushes. Note that the new update to the Draw Something app has a single stroke undo, which is really useful if you choose the wrong brush size. I was so glad to see that cuz I'm constantly using the wrong brush and having to repaint over my mistake.

Step 3: I like to put Pickle Weasel in all my drawings. So here's where I block him in. I'm already thinking about his final pose in the drawing, even at this early stage.

Step 4: Block in the colour areas on the character's body. It's important to do this before the outline stage, cuz it's hard to fill in colour in this app. I suck at keeping in the lines, so I like to do it this way.

Step 5: Add the outlines! Not all character's need outlines, but Pickle Weasel does. At this point I also throw in the facial details: eyes, nose, mouth etc. I have to get his expression just right - if you've played with me, you prolly notice I spend more time on this part. Or maybe I just imagine that.

Step 6: Now I paint in the details on his "costume".

Step 7: A few clues begin to creep into the drawing!

Step 8: Adjustments to Pickle Weasel's pose by adding his arms.

Step 9: Lastly I may add some text - this part is a great opportunity to inject humor.

An artist needs to stay in shape. Playing Draw Something is like exercise for me. It forces me to create a funny drawing with limited drawing tools, in a short time. It's like getting really good abs.

I also like the idea of doing a drawing just for someone else, and I enjoy getting others to draw too. Drawing is good for your brain.

Step 10: It's a 3-letter word. And here's your letters below.

What's the answer?

Play Draw Something with "The Animated Woman".


  1. You know, I keep kicking myself because I've forgotten to take screen shots of the pickle weasel drawings I've gotten from you.

  2. You are crazy amazing. I'd start a game with you but I'm way too intimidated.

    Plus in spite of your incredible drawing, I still have no clue what the answer is. I mean, 3 letters? Really? Maybe it's because I can't rearrange the letters. I'm pretty hooked on that "shuffle" button.

  3. oh man... I am so bad at draw something.. I needed these pointers. Thank you! Maybe I will get up the courage to start up a game with you!

  4. Joy is all I can find that is applicable. Although a mop might be necessary with all that dripping blood.

  5. Is the answer emo? I once upon a time played Draw Something... but I really suck at drawing. So, I thought it might be best to stop drawing for my friends' sake. Thanks for making me giggle with your step-by-step explanation.

  6. I keep getting screwed up because I'm so used to WWF and no Proper Nouns, etc. :)

    My guess is Emo

  7. Yeah, I'd guess emo too.
    You are so talented!
    Draw something looks like fun, but I'm terrible at drawing, although that could be amusing in a different way. ;)

    1. I guess it helps to draw well, but it's more fun to play with a sense of humor. Like, for me, I don't worry about speed or numbers of coins. I just want it to be fun and funny.

  8. That's the best drawing for emo. For that one, I drew Elmo, drew an arrow to him, then put, "minus the L."


    1. THAT IS NOT LAME. It's creative. See I never would've thought of that. You rock.

  9. I came back because I figured it out. Emo! Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party. Hahaha. Somebody else drew emo for me, and as soon as I saw it I knew that's what this was. I'd have gotten it if I could have rearranged the letters.

  10. I would have guessed MOM... But I guess that's just me.
    We should play together some time.


  11. Love the step by step! Have downloaded app, all your fault! Ha, not an artist, giving it the ole try though! Denise.
    Ya know I need to get pic on mu google so I don't have to sign my name... :)

  12. I love EMO Pickle Weasel! Initially in my sleep deprived state I was thinking "Poe" in a Tell Tale Heart sort of way.



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