September 7, 2011

Laughing Out Loud... OUT LOUD.

I was doing the dishes, by hand, and the 14 year old was helping me by drying. I like this cuz the kids talk about their day when we do dishes. She was laughing about something that happened at school and she said something like: "Bla bla bla - hahahaha! Hilarious LOL!"

She literally said lol, like "laaaaaawwwwwl".

She tried to deny it but I'm an animator and I swear her mouth did this:

And there you have it folks. A new form of LOL-tastic laughter for acronyms is born. More fun than Laughing Out Loud - it's LOL-ing Out Loud! 

Or "LOLOL" for short. She totally said I could post this btw.