August 28, 2012

Pickle Weasel goes MOBILE.

You’ve heard the rumours, right? It’s true. Pickle Weasel is getting his her ...its own app!

How did this happen? Some cartoon characters are like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny; if enough people believe in them, they become real. Pickle Weasel hijacked so many of my blog posts and DrawSomeThings he’s ready to take the leap.

I can't give it all away but here’s what I can tell you:
  • There will be hundreds (yes many HUNDREDS) of funny/silly/saucy Pickle Weasel Toons updated regularly.
  • I’m always encouraging people to draw, so there will be Draw-games! 
  • And…it will be social! With sharing and other features. 

The Pickle Weasel app will be ready soon. Like this fall 2012. Holy FUQ that's in a few weeks. I know right? Craziness. We’re looking for fun bloggers to review the app in the run up to the launch so if you’re interested in that please leave your name below.

I'm too excited. I may wear a hole in my chair from squirming.

Click HERE for an epic contest survey thingie with cool Pickle Weasel prizes!