August 29, 2012

Pickle Weasel APP Survey & CONTEST!


Right, so, yesterday I announced the super-fantasmic Pickle Weasel app coming this fall. Today I need data. Like information. To help us make the app as good as can be. So I'm hoping to tempt you into filling out this epic survey thingie.

But I don't expect something for nothing. Oh no - I designed the questions especially for discerning Pickle Weasel types, heheh... Plus, if you fill it out, you'll be entered into a draw for these two mugs. Two winners, two mugs each. It's a set.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. The survey is still open though! If you get an error message, please fill it out HERE! You should still leave a heads-up in the comments below. 

Shall we begin? Greatness! Your input will help me make the app better for you. Contest closes this Saturday night. I'll announce the winner here on Monday night.

Lemmeeno if you entered by leaving me a Hi-5 in the comments. Pickle Weasel loves you. And so do I.

Props to The HUZ for putting this boss survey thingie in here. It looks just like my blog.