August 4, 2012

#BlogHer12 TOON swag - part 1

Big conferences can be intimidating....

I wanted to tweet constantly, even during the flight to New York. I felt like such a twitter addict, heheh...

First stop in NYC was to meet with my sponsor, at The Lab. It's like a media hub - The Lab is literally buzzing with activity. And as you can see, it even has its own @medialabrat, lounging around on the sofas, with his tail rather provocatively exposed.

Internet Media Labs

Then it was off to BlogHer! I wasn't the only noob! My friend @lttlewys was right by my side the whole first day. Her thumbs were a blur on multiple devices - she's a social media dynamo!

The very first speaker was the President of the USA, live via satellite. I wanted to thank Mr. Obama for letting me draw him. He made it easy for me, cuz he didn't move around too much.

Since I'm here to draw ACTUAL PEOPLE, not just, you know, world leaders, I met this purdy gal called @nataliedaily. She's got purdy hair, and she's smart and funny so I drew her.
And then I went to The People's Party. @DontSpkWhinese was tearing up the dance floor and ninja humping everyone! And she was doing all this whilst drinking and eating wiener snacks and wearing a party hat. Multi-tasking like a pro.
I was a little nervous about live drawing in front of total strangers but it turned out ok. People are really fun to study, with all their little mannerisms and stuff.The next day was even more interesting. So stay tooned for more toon swag.

I'ma go party now.

Wanna see Part 2?


  1. Omg!! Leila is a crazy ninja hotdog eater. Love that you drew her :)

    1. She was moving around a lot so I'm actually impressed that this is as readable as it is, heheh.

  2. Between this and the status updates that I've been seeing from everyone, it sounds like you are all having a blast! I'm feeling a little jealous but mostly just glad for you all. Keep sending us those great pictures so those of us who are not there can enjoy it a bit too :)

    1. It has to be experienced to be believed. Plan on it next year!

  3. Replies
    1. I think I was nervous or something. It was drawing 'therapy' for twitter addicts.

  4. OMV! (new one. I made it up.) That is AWESOME! I wish I could draw. Nope. Love your cartoons. Really? Obama spoke? I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE I'll make it for 2013. That would rock! P.S. A cartoon of me would be...hmmm...well, I'm a real piece. That's all. ;-)

  5. I totally love it :) big smiles - you're amazing JC! Thanks for sharing your adventures


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