August 1, 2012


I heard they're expecting something like 4,500 attendees at BlogHer12, the largest women's blogging conference IN THE WORLD. (sound FX: reverb, cavernous)

And if that's not humbling enough, many of the folks attending are amazeballs bloggers. Usually I go to animation festivals, but this year I'm going rogue by going to BlogHer. Can you say "fish out of water"?


How does conferencing at this level make you feel?

Want some toon-swag? I'll be live-drawing people I meet at BlogHer12 and tweeting as #JCsaw


  1. When I went to BlogHer in 2010, I was ok during most of the sessions and everything. The parties at the end overwhelmed me though. (It felt too much like high school for some reason and that was *NOT* a happy time for me.)

    I only had one "such a big blogger what could I ever say to her" moment and I've been kicking myself over it ever since. I've pledged to say hi to this blogger should I ever have a chance to meet her again.

  2. BlogHer is going to be awesome. You will love it and I am totally hoping for some toon-swag! :-)

  3. @TheBloggess uses wine and bathrooms... not exclusively.

    You should try that, or at least draw it when you see the bathroom.

  4. If I were lucky enough to be going to the BlogHer conference, you'd be one of the bloggers I'd be chasing after and angsting over saying "hi" to. :) I hope you have a great time!


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